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Planting Times for Herbs



We are always operating our lives by timing.  We have time of the year we will do different activities for different purposes, such as going shopping in November for upcoming holiday season.  Mowing the grass for the first time in spring and so forth.  Well... herb gardening is no different and we need to pay attention to the unique needs of each and every herb species in order to achieve the highest level of success with growing our herb garden!

Timings in Terms of Planting Herb Seeds Right Now

 At the moment, we are in late summer and the heat is still around.  Our minds need to shift to thoughts of what we need to prepare ahead for new herbs in terms of the upcoming fall.  I consider it pretty much one of the most important times of the year to plant most herbs because so many are perennial or biannual and the late summer to fall is the natural time of the year that the herb seeds will fall to the ground.  I always tell folks to try and imitate nature. 
Timing in planting herb seeds is everything.  From species to species it is different, but I am going to show you two distinct groups you need to think about at this time of the year.. 
1.  Late Summer "Hardeners"
2.  Late Fall "Overwinterers"
We are in the season that is a great time of the year to start thinking about getting ready for the future in terms of growing new herbs.  You have time right now to get many herbs established properly before the cooler autumn nights steps in to claim the seedlings you just have germinated!
I just will let you know about this wonderful time of the year and growing herbs.  Not only are annuals doing well right now, but it is also time to start thinking about germinating perennials now for the fall.

1. Late Summer "Hardeners" - Herbs to plant right now, late summer.
Catnip, Fassen's (Cat Mint)

Many perennials like Lovage,Leaf Celery,Licorice,Wild Dandelion,French Dandelion, Willow Herb, Sheep Sorrel, Garden Sorrel,Chinese Wolfberry, Sweet Marjoram,Common Marjoram, Foxglove (White,Yellow,Purple),Anise Hyssop,Blue Hyssop,Grolau Chives, Chives,Garlic Chives,Greek Oregano,St. John's Wort,Wild Thyme, English Thyme, French Thyme, Yarrow,Valerian,Catnip,Lemon Catnip,Fassen's Catnip, Chinese Milkvetch...etc

These are just a few examples of the herbs that we offer them really need to be started right now in late summer to get established for the fall.  If you can get these plants established before fall, they will overwinter and do real great in the spring.  Trust me... they would do great!

2.  Late Fall "Overwinterers"  - Herbs to plant in the fall

Many herbs need to be planted in the fall in order to provide the cold treatment that the herb seeds in the first spring germination.  You need to plan ahead and get ready to plant these seeds in late October generally.  It all depends on your local planting zone.

Some of the seeds that you plant in the fall include:Quinine, Wild
Angelica,Agrimony,American Elderberry, Dropwort, Cowslip,Compass Plant,Bilberry,Chaste Tree, Orange Jewel Weed,Wild Bergamot,Bayberry,Hound's Tongue,Hoary Mountain Mint, Mulberry, Wild Quinine, Green Perilla, Purple Perilla,Blue Seeded Poppy, California Poppy,Cow Parsnip, Queens Anne's Lace,Wild Strawberry,Sea Buckthorn,Sea Holly,Schisandra,Witch Hazel,Sweet Violet,Clivers,Cornflower, Passionflower.... etc.

There are more seeds like this but this should give you an idea.

We'll have more next week!  This is the time of the year to start ordering perennials for the jump start for next year! 

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Any statement made concerning medical conditions treated with this herb is not intended as sound medical advice. The seeds are NOT to be ingested only planted. Herbs need to taken only with the guidance of a trained physician or established herblist.

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