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Helpful Tips On Watering Indoor Herb Gardens  
by Carmel Baird


Herbs add flavor to any dish whether it is cooked or a salad and when the herbs are used fresh from your indoor garden it is all the more tasty. Placing your indoor herb garden in your kitchen will provide such a wonderful aroma and will turn your cooking into dishes like the gourmet chefs serve.

Watching where you place your herb garden, getting the correct temperature, light and water, will allow you to have your herbs indoors, ready to use, even if you cook a midnight snack, no going out into the garden after dark to find your herbs. Here are a few tips to help you get your indoor herb garden going

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Start Off The Right Way

It is important to take into consideration the size of the pots you wish to grow the herbs in. If you want larger pots, then your best choice would be to grow several plants in the one pot. This is ideal if you want to group your herbs, like the ones that are best with Italian cooking or Thai or French cuisine. Single variety herbs can be grown in pots that are approximately six to twelve inches deep.

The pots you choose will determine how you water your indoor herb garden. You choose what will work for you in your home. You can get self watering pots, with these, you fill a reservoir with water and it is released slowly to the plant week, you can also add the liquid fertilizer this way too. Self watering pots come with all the instructions for their use.

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One of the biggest causes of plant loss with potted plants is, over-watering. I think most people have been guilty of this at some stage. Always do the finger test. Before giving your herb garden some water, test with your finger by poking your finger into the potting mix, you need to go down a little way. Depending on how damp the soil is, will be how much water you add to the pot.

Finding The Right Spot For Your Indoor Herb Garden

The ideal place for your indoor herb garden is in the kitchen. What an indoor herb garden needs is, mostly the temperature in a kitchen is fine for a herb garden. Natural or artificial light is also needed. A dry atmosphere is not ideal, if you are able to install a humidifier that would compensate but if not then get a hand spray for watering. Indoor herb gardens need the outside growing conditions replicated inside as much as is possible.

Helpful Tip For Watering Indoor Herb Gardens.

Most herbs require the same amount of water with rare exceptions therefore try and check when you purchase the herb for gardening and/or read carefully the seeds package and if extra care and watering required place that particular herb in a separate pots.

Try to group herbs with the same growing requirements for your indoor herb garden, this will make the watering and care much easier. As they are in separate pots, placing herbs with like requirements together should makes things easier for you.

About the Author

2007 CTBaird. Carmel Baird contributes to Online Gardening Information where you will find gardening information, helpful garden tips and garden hints with new articles about many aspects of gardening added every week. Find out more about indoor hydroponics here

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Watering Herb Garden Resources:

Indoor Plants - Watering - The primary cause of plant death in indoor potted plants is over-watering. Roots need both water and air in the soil, and when the root hairs are surrounded by only water, the rootlets cannot take up oxygen properly. The roots can rot and will cause the whole plant to die. Symptoms of over-watering and underwatering are almost the same. Both cause poor root health and possibly death in plants.


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