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July 29,2006

Article: Enhance Your Life by Starting an Herb Garden!
Tip of The week: Early fall and late summer sowing of seed

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Dandelion, Wild

Wild Dandelion Red Cockscomb Yellow Hyssop

Herbs In The News!

Fresh herbs clean your house and leave a pleasant scent
- You don't have to cook to experience the fragrant aroma of fresh herbs in your home. In the "New Book of Herbs" (DK Publishing, $30), author Jekka McVicar offers guidance in getting that refreshing scent while cleaning.

Fort Harrod, KY's herbs, planted by settlers, are thriving two centuries later! 

Perennial Herbs: The Basics - Perennial herbs return year after year. Often they need to be tamed rather than pampered, so be careful where you plant them. Choose sunny locations that drain well and have lots of room for expansion.

Ginseng proves to be at the root of much intrigue -

While David Taylor was writing his book, he kept a North Carolina souvenir on his desk.  "Small and insubstantial, a shriveled, pale brown finger," the object was a single dried ginseng root...

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Enhance Your Life by Starting an Herb Garden!

Having an herb garden can be one of the most rewarding hobbies that a person can have.  Herb gardening is a wonderful way to enjoy Mother Nature & her bounty, while also improving your overall health & outlook on life.    

 You will find that your herb garden will attract a wide variety of wild life into your backyard.  All kinds of bees, butterflies, birds, possums, even deer will be attracted to your property because of the herbs.  From the favorite flowers of the hummingbird to the sweet fruit of the persimmon tree enjoyed by possums, deer (and humans) alike, you will not regret starting your own herb garden.

 Herb gardens enhance the beauty of the landscape with a canvas offering varieties of colors, shapes, & textures for everyone to enjoy.  Herbs offer everything from the fuzzy bright silvery look of Wooly Lambís Ear to the tall bright red seed pods of the edible Amaranth.  Passion flower, for example, is an herb that grows a beautiful vine with beautifully unique features.  In fact, when it was discovered in the 15th and 16th centuries, it was considered by the Spanish Christian missionaries as a beautiful symbol of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ due to the unique features of the flower structure.   

Herb gardens also bring wonderful smells into our life as well.  For example, I had vanilla grass once get into my yard and start growing.  Every time I mowed my yard, there would be a wonderful vanilla scent that would make you stop and just want to breathe it in.  You could even smell it driving by my place after a mow!   I also love the smell of freshly pinched lemon balm and spearmint.  These two herbs are really aromatic.  

Another great advantage of growing your own herbs is the fact that you can enhance the flavors in your cooking.  Herbs can reduce the need for unhealthy flavor enhancers such as butter and salt.  Lots of recipes now are calling for the use of different kinds of herbs that you can grow in your garden fresh.  Your garden can save you the cost of buying those herbs in the grocery store (and they taste much better!) It is important to note that many herbs can be dried for winter use. I particularly love to eat the flowers of the nasturtium as I stroll through my garden.  Nasturtium flowers have a wonderful peppery taste, and make a colorful and tasty addition to any salad.   

Herb gardens are also a natural medicine cabinet, so to speak.  I canít tell you the number of times I have used an herb out of my garden to help me with a bug bite.  Lots of times I use plantain to make a poultice to ease the stinging.  There are a huge range of medical herbs that can help you, but before you take any kind of herb, please research it.  Find out what the experts are saying about that plant and how you need to use it.  Find out some of the herbs that can help some your ailments and grow them in your herb garden. 

On top of all this, there are many physiological & psychological benefits to simply getting outside.  Sunshine triggers chemicals releases in your brain that help regulate mood, restful sleep, as well as other physical and mental health issues.  Sunshine also helps us to produce Vitamin D, which helps in the absorption of calcium.  Simply being outside, gives us fresher cleaner air, away from the re-circulated air in our homes & offices.  And, simply working outdoors provides us with aerobic activity that benefits in greater physical stamina.  I know that I feel much better overall after enjoying a day of working up a sweat in my garden. 

Starting an herb garden can be a richly rewarding experience.  Start yours today and find out how you can enhance your life.  Herb gardens add beauty & aroma to your home, attracts wildlife, brings flavor and health benefits to your diet, and even saves you money on your grocery bill!  You will find that herb gardening enhances you life in more ways than these as you start your adventure in the wonderful world of herbs.  Pick out what herbs interest you and get your herb garden started.   

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